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    The Dales Diesel Group are custodians of the resident diesel locomotive fleet at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway (Nr Skipton) N. Yorks. The Dales Diesel Group formed back in 2010, purely because it was a shorter name than the 'Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway Diesel Department' and somewhat less ironic. We have one common aim which is to restore, preserve, and operate the diesel locomotives that are resident at the railway.

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Latest News

May 2015
27/05/2015 - We have been busy readying 37294 for its running days starting the 7th June, the faults found during the diesel gala have now been fixed. Short of a wash 37294 is now ready for its running season, decals may be applied as time goes on this year.

Unfortunately D9513 has suffered a potential bearing problem, therefore until it can be lifted and examined it is currently out of service. Class 04 D2203 will also be taking a back seat owing to its tyre profiles. Folllowing this the goods train days will operate on the following Saturdays with revised traction as shown below:

- 30th May (08773)
- 27th June (08773)
- 25th July (08773)
- 29th August (37294)
- 26th September (08773)

March & April 2015
22/04/2015 - Firstly an apology for the lack of recent updates, it's been a bit busy. The class 14 D9513 has seen much attention and further de-snagging of late, various oil and water leaks have been fixed and the control air supply circuit has been cleaned out. It was rather sluggish to drive previously, the projectile detritus that shot out of the air supply pipe to the control air regulator under the desk was probably not helping.

A variety of diesel loco's have been rostered on the railways goods train days NEW for 2015! These goods train days will operate on the following Saturdays:

- 25th April (D9513)
- 30th May (08773)
- 27th June (D2203)
- 25th July (D9513)
- 29th August (37294)
- 26th September (08773)

This is a unique experience that the railway hasn't offered before, brake van rides are available for turn up on the day passengers, advance booking is not available. Should you wish to ride in the brake van on the goods train you will need to purchase a standard ticket (£10 Adult, £5 Children) plus a special goods train ticket priced at £5 for a SINGLE journey. A timetable for the goods train days is available here.

In other news 37294 has had further air leaks and air faults rectified, we are going to attempt (time permitting) to apply the vinyls and paint the bottom end of the loco prior to it's running days in June and July this year.
February 2015
07/02/2015 - 08054 was brought back to Embsay from a long stay in the back siding at Bolton Abbey on Saturday 7th Feb, an initial inspection was undertaken and it appears we have our work cut out. The battery boxes are corroded badly and will require replacing in their entirety, the batteries them selves had also suffered from frost damage and split open. Various bits of rewiring need to be undertaken as well as the refurbishment of the cab and the replacement of the corroded body work.

In other news 37294 was started for the first time this year, a few air leaks that recieved attention earlier this year seem to be ok now. Maintenance and other repairs will continue in preperation for this years running days.
January 2015
31/01/2015 - Diesel running day dates have now been confirmed and can be viewed here. It is likely that the Class 14 D9513 will be running at the Branchline Weekend on 2nd to 4th May 2015 and possibly 37294, exact details will be confirmed nearer the time.

Work continues on 37294 to make the locomotive reliable, final painting and application of vinals is likely to happen in March when the weather warms up.
D9513 has been shunted into the shed for some attention to several water and oil leaks.

08054 will be moved back to Embsay in the next few weeks, it is planned to resurect 08054 and have it back running in the not too distant future.

MDHB No.36 has also been shunted into the shed to allow the engine rebuild (3rd time lucky) to be completed, some time ago the engine siezed whilst coming back from Bolton Abbey on a works train. It was found that the water pump requires attention and several new cylinder liners are required.
November 2014
21/11/2014 - Photos of the diesel gala have been uploaded, they can be viewed here.

In other news, D9513 has been fitted with a through steam heat pipe to allow it to double head with a steam engine on this years Santa specials. The pipe has been fitted in such a way that it is easy to remove in the future.

We are currently planning next years calendar. This is likely to include a program of running days, a branchline weekend, possibly a diesel weekend, and some driver experience cources. Further details will be posted soon.
October 2014
06/10/2014 - Following weeks of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears 37294 is ready for the Diesel Gala this weekend (11th & 12th October). The 37 will be making its debut in BR Blue, albeit it won't have any decals applied, we've simply run out of time. A small amendment to the timetable has been made but its only to do with coaching stock, loco diagrams and times remain unchanged.

Unfortunately we have been unable to arrange a free bus from Skipton Railway Station to Embsay Railway Station on the Saturday, and the previous bus service operated by Pennine Motor Services ceased to operate earlier this year as the company stopped trading. The good news is that there are plenty of taxis available and its roughly £4-5 to Embsay in a taxi from Skipton. Those of you who are intending to get here using public transport may want to try and get in touch with like minded enthusiasts who may share a taxi with you to keep the costs down.

Sunday will be slightly better as the Aire Valley Transport Group will be hosting a vintage bus running day in the Skipton area on Sunday 12th October. Free vintage buses will be running between Skipton Bus Station and Bolton Abbey Railway Station. More details are available here...
September 2014
24/09/2014 - 37294's return to service is progressing well. In addition to the extensive bodywork overhaul 37294 has recieved a new set of batteries, which at the weekend enabled the loco to start up for the first time in 3 years since the overhaul was started. Only a few minor problems presented themselves following the start up which will hopefully be rectified this coming weekend all being well.
03/09/2014 - The 2014 diesel gala is fast approaching and the atmosphere in the depot at Embsay is currently some what manic. A Diesel Gala UPDATE! and timetable with loco roster is now available.

A few dedicated volunteers took a week off work recently and spent it grafting in the depot at Embsay working on the repaint of 37294, this saw the remainder of the body filler applied which has been sanded flat and primed, the Bolton Abbey end nose has been painted all the way up to first gloss, and the majority of the body side is now in undercoat. The remaining undercoat and gloss will be applied in the next few weeks.
Recent pictures of 37294 have been added to the restoration gallery.
In other news, our trusty Barclay 0-4-0 shunter 'Meaford No.1' has been cleaned up ready for a repaint into dark blue.

August 2014
11/08/2014 - A big step forward has been acieved over the past couple of weekends, 37294 has been re-united with its roof sections that were removed towards the start of its bodywork overhaul. Both roof sections have had rotten sections renewed and have been painted inside and out. Recent pictures of 37294 have been added to the restoration gallery.
05/08/2014 - The diesel running day timetable has been updated, this applies to the remainder of the running days in 2014 see here.
July 2014
30/07/2014 - This months main story is that D9513 has recently visited the East Lancashire Railway, where it took part in the Class 14 50th Anniversary celebrations along with no fewer than 9 other class mates. D9513 did the owner and the group proud as it worked faultlessly over the three day event, with the exception of a few very minor niggles which didn't cause any delay or prevent it from working any of its booked turns. Photos of D9513 taking part in the event are here.
Thanks must go out to the event organisers and event staff that made the event a success and made us from Embsay feel so welcome throughout the event.
Photo Copyright Ewan Rutledge

D9513 will now be running instead of D5600 on 23rd and 30th August, the same timetable will operate. See the running days page for further details.

37294 has had further paintwork applied to its roof sections, it is planned to lift these back onto the loco in the next few weeks. Photos are available in the restoration gallery.

April - June 2014
09/06/14 - Extra diesel services will now run on Sunday 6th July to compliment the steam service over the tour de France weekend (No services on Saturday 5th July). More details on the railways main website.

02/06/14 - Diesel Gala Update!, The good news is that 47004 has been provisionally added to the line up pending the required work being carried out in time and all the usual caveats, unfortunately 08054 and 31119 will not be available as we just don't have time to carry out the necessary repairs.

47004 was brought back to Embsay on Saturday 24th May, since then it has been checked over, filled with water, and the batteries have been topped up with battery acid and placed on an equalising charge. It is hoped that the batteries will recover so that the loco can be started shortly. Following this we hope its just the previous faults on the brake system to rectify and a few small leaks on the coolant system. We are also sourcing some replacement buffers as one of the existing OLEO buffers is defective. If time allows before the diesel gala we will also 'tart up' the paint work just to make it look a little less rough.
Work continues a pace on 37294, recent efforts have seen attention to both roof sections. The larger of the two roof sections has been stripped back to bare metal and painted inside and out. The smaller roof section requires some patching to repair the rotten sections, following this it will also be repainted inside and out. Work is also progressing with the body work on the 37 it's self. Photos are available in the restoration gallery.

March 2014
31/03/14 - Another Diesel running days update!, Unfortunately 31119 will not be available this year due to unforseen circumstances. 9 or 10 out of the 12 liner seals have failed and subsequently the engines sump is now full of water. 31119 will be stored temporarily pending replacement liner seals, looking on the brightside it will be a good opportunity to get rid of a few tasks from 31119's to do list whilst its in the shed. D5600 will now be standing in for 31119 on all planned running days, and subsequently the Branchline Weekend (Sat 3rd - Mon 5th May 2014) and Diesel Gala will not feature 31119.
Work is still progressing on the repaint/ body work overhaul of 37294. Recent progress has seen the Embsay end cab interior put back together which has been a tedious and time consuming task ask much of the wooden frame work within the cab sides required renewal after years of exposure to rain water. A few more photos will be added in April. It is still out intention to have this loco out 'n' about for the October Diesel Gala.
February 2014
20/02/14 - Diesel running days update!, the planned running day on 16th August has been cancelled due to a private all day booking that will occupy the second running path. Apologies for any inconvenience.
January 2014
25/01/14 - Regular work is currently being undertaken to de-snag our class 14 D9513, recently we have replaced the two thermostats that were "altered" some time ago to help solve D9513's overheating issues. We have also cleaned the engine oil cooler after we were advised they are prone to blocking... it can be seen from the photo below this was definitely the case!

Following the work mentioned above D9513 was used on a lineside clearence train to allow us to test it, it worked faultlessly all day and didn't even get close to over heating, it was also noticeable the engine and transmission tempreatures were much more stable following the installation of working thermostats.
Ruston 887 and D9513 were used on two lineside clearence trains which ran over the full length of the line on 25th January, they were used to transport various tools, plant, and volunteers to site. The railway has recently brought out a new policy whereby lineside vegetation that exists on the railway side of the boundry fence will be cut down, this should open up some fantastic photo locations in future. Photos of the Ruston and Class 14 in action can be seen here.
Ruston 887 Priors Lane

20/01/14 - 31119 Repaint Gallery added, see here.
Back in March 2012, due to an impending Day Out With Thomas event we undertook a quick re-paint of 31119 out of its rather run down railfrieght red stripe livery into shiny BR Blue, it was a very quick job to get the loco looking respectable. Since then the newness of the temporary repairs has worn off and once again the rust has come through, so 119 is back in the shed having a more permanent job carried out. Photos of the recent work will be added shortly, however some photos are on our facebook group page.
17/01/14 - 37294 Restoration Gallery added, see 37294 Restoration Gallery
08/01/14 - Website officially launched.
Welcome to the Dales Diesel Group's new website. It is our intention to provide a monthly update that details the current status of each diesel locomotive under our custodianship at Embsay, this website will also become the official source of Dales Diesel Group latest news.
08/01/14 - January Fleet Update:
47004 - Locomotive is currently stored unserviceable.

37294 - Extensive body work repairs have been carried out on 37294 which have been ongoing for some time now. We are in the final stages of the restoration now as all the patches have been welded in, undulations have been filled and sanded. The loco is mostly in undercoat. We will provide a further update on 294 next month with some photos.

31435 - Locomotive is currently stored unserviceable awaiting repairs to one of its TM blowers. It is hoped to return this locomotive to traffic for May 2014.

31119 - Operational however maintenance and body work are currently being undertaken in the shed at Embsay to ready this loco for the 2014 running season, 31119 has been the standby locomotive throughout the Santa season.

D9513 - Operational, work is currently being undertaken to ready this locomotive for regular running terms and spot hire to other preserved railways. We have recently purchased items required to return the cooling system back to its original design. Work in progress.

08773 - Operational following a re-paint into BR Green.

08054 - Stored unserviceable awaiting work to be undertaken on various electrical faults.

D2203 - Operational.

MDHB No.36 - Stored unserviceable, engine siezed awaiting new parts and repairs to be carried out.

Ruston 887 - Operational.

Meaford No.1 - Operational, in need of TLC and a repaint.

Selby Fowler BOCM - Stored awaiting overhaul.

HW Robinson Fowler - An extensive overhaul is being undertaken on this locomotive. It is currently stripped down to the frame and wheels. Work has been undertaken on the gear box and drelling/ painting has started on the main frame, gear box, and some ancilleries. New brake cylinder seals have been fitted and both brake cylinders are now back on.