47004 (D1524)

D1524 was built by Brush Traction in Loughborough (Brush Falcon Works). It was entered into service on 14th June 1963 at Finsbury Park Shed (34G), where it would have mainly been used on passenger trains out of Kings Cross. D1524 would have also been used on goods trains as and when required.

D1524 was part of the second batch of Brush type 4 locomotives built by Brush Traction. The first batch of 20 locomotives (D1500-D1519) were mechanically different to the remainder of the class, as the prototype locomotives LION and FALCON had not been comprehensively assessed. Subsequently these first 20 locomotives were withdrawn earlier.

D1524 was built with a 12LDA28C twin bank, twelve cylinder power unit. Originally this had a power output of 2,750bhp, this was later down rated to 2,580bhp to reduce fatigue on the power units. This subsequently increased the reliability of these locomotives without a noticeable affect on the locomotives performance.

The early Brush type 4s to be built, D1524 included, were built as 'series-parallel' (SP), this was the early way of controlling the voltage to the traction motors and it consisted of three stages "Series", "Transition", and "Parallel". Generally when the locomotive was setting off it would be in "series" to get the heavy train moving, then as speed picked up and as the 'drag' reduced the loco would go through the "transition" phase and finally end up in "Parallel". Later batches of Brush Type 4s were built with a more modern control system where the traction motors were wired in 'all parallel' (AP).

D1524 was equipped with a Spanner MKIII steam heat boiler, for train heating purposes. As time went on steam heated rolling stock was replaced with a more modern alternative, which was ETH (Electric Train Heat). Some class 47s were built with both a steam heat boiler and an ETH generator, other class 47s had there steam heat boilers removed and ETH generators retro-fitted. The Class 47s with an ETH capability were allocated to the sub class 47/4 under the computerised TOPS system. D1524 however, simply had the Steam Boiler isolated as it was still in the locomotive when it entered preservation at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway in 2006.

D1524 was originally out shopped in an attractive coat of BR two tone green with small yellow warning panels and head code blinds. D1524 kept its original livery for some years, the only variation being the application of full yellow ends. Until 1973 when it was repainted into standard BR Blue, at the same time D1524 would have been re-numbered to 47004 to conform to the computerised TOPS system. Later in its life around 1975, 47004 was allocated to Stratford Depot (SF) and in line with many other stratford based Class 47s it received a silver roof. Following this, around 1991 47004 received a coat of BR Trainload two tone grey (Construction). It remained in this livery until the final years of its mainline career when it was allocated to the EWS heritage fleet and based at Old Oak Common depot, where it was re-painted back into its original BR two tone green with small yellow warning panels. The full head code roller blinds were not re-fitted but a fixed head code was displayed behind a glass panel at each end of the loco. The head code displayed during this time was 0F70 at one end which was the BR light engine head code for Old Oak Common T&RSD and 1E07 at the other end which I think was an Edinburgh to Kings Cross express passenger working head code.

47004 has been named twice during its mainline career, once unofficially in 1986 whilst based at Eastfield TMD when it was named 'MONSTER', this was painted onto its body side in a stencil style. Then officially on 5th February 1994 when it was named 'Old Oak Common Traction and Rolling Stock Depot' by Chris Beaumont - manager of Civil Engineering Services Intercity Great Western.

47004 (D1524) has been allocated to many sheds and depots throughout its life, these are listed below:

06/63 D1524 - New to 34G (Finsbury Park)
05/67 to 41A (Tinsley)
11/67 to 34G (Finsbury Park)
05/68 to 41A (Tinsley)
02/70 to 30A (Stratford)
10/71 to 55B (York)
04/72 to 52A (Gateshead)
05/72 to 40B (Immingham)
06/72 to 30A (Stratford)
05/73 to SF (Stratford)
09/73 to GD (Gateshead)

11/73 47 004 (Renumbered 47004 from D1524)
05/75 to SF (Stratford)
03/83 to ED (Eastfield)
11/90 to TI (Tinsley)
12/90 to FDBT (Railfreight Distribution, Class 47 Reserve Fleet)
04/91 to FDCT (Railfreight Distribution. C.Flet, Non Heat)
07/91 to HQ (Unallocated, Withdrawn)
07/91 to MDZX (Railfreight Distribution. Withdrawn Locomotives)
07/91 to HQ (Unallocated, Withdrawn)
11/91 reinstated to HQ
11/91 to OC (Old Oak Common T&RSD)
12/91 to DCWW (Departmental, Civil Engineer, Western, Restricted Use. Class 47 Old Oak Common)
03/92 to IGJW (Intercity GWML, Infrastructure, Restricted Use, OC)
12/93 to IGJO (Intercity GWML, Infrastructure, OC)
03/94 to SF (Stratford)
03/94 to EWRS (Trainload freight South - Stratford Class 47 Restricted Use)
12/95 to ENXX (Trainload freight South East - Stored HQ)
03/96 to TO (Toton)
03/96 to ENRN (Mainline, Restricted Use, CL. 47, Toton)
10/96 to ENXX (Trainload freight South East - Stored HQ)
11/96 to ENRN (Mainline, Restricted Use, CL. 47, Toton)
10/97 to IM (Immingham)
10/97 to LWCW (Transrail Northwest, CL. 37, Springs Branch)
07/98 to BS (Bescot)
07/98 to DAET (EWS Bescot CL. 47)
01/99 allocated to WQ and withdrawn (EWS Unallocated)
01/99 to WNZX (EWS Withdrawn Locomotives)
04/00 reinstated to WQ (EWS Unallocated)
05/01 to WMOC Aggregate Industries UK Ltd., Croft (EWS - Heritage Fleet)
06/01 to OC (Old Oak Common T&RSD)

Finally in June 2006, 47004 was purchased by a private individual and preserved at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway, where it has had a fairly uneventful life so far. 47004 has been used at several galas and on the odd trip where it subscidised for a failed steam locomotive. At present (August 2014) 47004 is receiving some attention at Embsay in view of it being available for the Diesel Gala in October 2014 but only time will tell if this will come to fruition.

D. Ferguson