Ruston 887

887 was built by Ruston Hornsby (No. 3940009) in 1955. It is a 4wDM, of 88hp, and came to the railway from North Western Gas, Warrington Gas Works. For many years it was one of the P-Way's locomotives, used typically for ballasting the extensions to Skibeden and to Holywell Halt (See gallery pictures), but has really become too small. Although it is brown in some photos, it currently supports an Olive Green livery, and is serviceable, although is only used for shunting manouvers at Embsay.

Recently the loco has been repainted (as can be seen to the right), and has also had some of the louvred body panels replaced which had become rotten. Hopefully in the near future it will be used to haul a private members' photo charter, which should give it a good run out.