Class 14 (D9513) NCB No.38

an ex-BR locomotive! The Class 14's were failures in terms of when they were withdrawn from BR service, but a lot were purchased for industrial use (48 out of the 56 which were built), and had longer careers there. D. 9513 was built in 1964 at BR Swindon, being an 0-6-0 diesel hydraulic (following Western Region practice) of 650hp. However, it only worked for BR for four years, being withdrawn in 1968. Fortunately it was bought by an industrial concern, and in its industrial career it became NCB No. 38, eventually based at Ashington Colliery, Northumberland, until the railway system was closed and it was sold, coming to Embsay in 1987.

On arrival, a number of small defects were attended to, and the loco's paintwork was tidied up, before it began to be used for shunting. Further work was carried out and eventually it hauled some passenger trains, as can be seen in these photographs, taken by Stephen Walker and Dave Outibridge. However, owing to its wiring and wheel profiles (which were atrocious), it was withdrawn for a comprehensive rebuild.

Now the rebuild has been finished the locomotive is back in operational use, throughout the overhaul many problem areas were attended to, this involved fitting two refurbished vacuum exhausters from a scrap class 37, the old vacuum exhausters did not come with the loco when it was purchased as these were removed courtesy of the NCB. Some wiring has been replaced to the point where the loco will remain reliable 99.9% of the time. Extensive work has been carried out on the cooler group to the point where major re-fabrication had to take place to accomodate the longer radiator elements from a class 56, both to the cooler group it's self and the inside of the loco where it sits, this took place because the origional (shorter) class 14 style radiator elements were impossible to get hold of. An extensive re-paint and other general repairs were also carried out.

The class 14 has since performed very well over several of the railway's Diesel Gala weekends.