H.W Robinson Fowler


This Fowler locomotive was built back in 1946, being works number 4100003, and previously having worked for Croda Hydrocarbons, Rotherham.

It is a very small locomotive, as the engine is only 80hp, but this small 0-4-0DM has proved useful in the past, and H.W. Robinson is currently the Signal and Telegraph department's locomotive. However, it is in need of a repaint. If you would like to volunteer to do this sort of work, please get in touch with the railway to help restore this loco to a smart livery.


A 'new' gearbox has been acquired for this loco, and will be fitted at the same time as the rest of the work is carried out on this loco. This has now started with all the components stripped back and the gearbox exposed. It is not in as bad a condition as was expected - most of the problems were caused by the complete failure and collapse of a bearing. However, the gearbox will be throughly checked and the best bits form the two used to build up one good gearbox. The bodywork wil be tackled at the same time.

T. Warner