MDHB No.36


Like the ex-BR 04 (D.2203), No. 36 has a 204hp Gardener engine, and was built by Hudswell Clarke as D1307 in 1958. It is thought to have very similar wheels etc. to No. 140, built by the same company.

Before coming to the railway it worked at British Steel Orb Steelworks, Newport, Gwent, and prior to that for the Mersey Docks and Harbours Board. As a result, the livery it currently carries (which is being repainted as the loco enters the final stages of its overhaul) is the MDHB green with yellow lettering. If anyone knows where an MDHB crest can be found for transfers for the locomotive, please contact the railway, as it would be nice to finish it off properly when it is repainted.


This loco is the one used by the P-Way department for most activities leading up to the completion of Bolton Abbey (unless a steam engine was available for the task), and has done the job required very well, especially the extension to Bolton Abbey. It was withdrawn for attention to the engine which was very smokey when running, and a thorough engine rebuild was anticipated. To this end the engine was compeltely stripped down and examined, which resulted in very little replacement of parts being required - just a very thorough cleaning up of the bores (and everything else!!). Whilst the loco was in pieces, the opportunity was taken to get the tyres turned as they had previously been to a tramway profile. Axleboxes were attended to with substantial repairs being carried out and new brasses in some instances.

T. Warner & R. Milner